Make your home

Work for you

Separate your


Draw the line

Experience the best
of work and home

Get the best of living + working from home

Live + Work is a residential design concept that combines residential living with a dedicated work area for people and businesses working from home. Thanks to broadband and the shift towards working remotely, you can now take full control of your lifestyle by living in a space designed for the new way of working.

Working from Home is the new way to work

  • Travel less
  • Own your routine
  • Be close to family
  • Gain flexibility in your lifestyle
  • Pets as co-workers

There are many ways to Live + Work

Whether you’re interested in buying into our existing Live + Work development on Lillian Street in Meyerspark Pretoria, a site owner who would like to develop a bespoke home of their own, or a Property Developer interested in scaling the Live + Work concept into a large scale development, we have a solution for you.